Ik ben Sam. Ik kom uit Engelend en ik leer Nederlands! Just in case you didn’t get that, my name is Sam, I am from England and I am currently studying Dutch! After falling in love with Amsterdam and then meeting my current (Dutch) boyfriend I decided to make a move to the Netherlands and try my hand at cycling, eating haring, poffertjes, appeltaarts and getting to grips with the Dutch language.

After taking a few Dutch classes whilst travelling in Australia I have also tried to pick up the language through apps such as Duolingo and Babbel. As effective as the were for picking up a range of basic vocab and sentences I missed the grammatical teaching and understanding of the language given by a teacher. So I began to search for a intensive language course to give me the best start for when I moved to the Netherlands. My research uncovered many courses that varied greatly in price and style, the course that caught my eye was the Dutch Summer School based in the capital city Amsterdam or the quieter town of Westerbork located in the north easterly province of Drenthe.

Despite my love of Amsterdam I have chosen to study in the quieter (and much cheaper) Drenthe location. I have enrolled onto the course for four weeks, which equates to two study blocks. I have joined the beginner class for the first two weeks and I will progress into A1/A2 for the remaining two weeks!

The Drenthe Dutch summer school is based at the holiday park ‘het Timmerholt’ near the town of Westerbork, famed for its historic role within WWII. Surrounding the area are many fields, bike tracks and beautiful Dutch houses and farms. The peaceful area allows me to study hard and also take a break by exploring the surrounding forests, small town of Westerbork and its many events.

For the duration of the program I have chosen to stay on site in a shared apartment shared with three other girls. The accommodation is functional, spacious and perfect for socialising, relaxing and most importantly studying! I am excited to use my experience at the Dutch Summer School as a frame for my first blog and first experience of learning a new language within a new country! Click HERE for all blog posts!