Favourite huiswerk!

Huiswerk / homework isn’t something that many students look forward to, myself included! However, through doing homework, particularly on this course, I have managed to see what areas I need to work on and also the areas that I have actually improved upon. I believe this is particularly important for myself when learning Dutch as subconsciously people tend to use words, phrases and constructions in language that they are more comfortable with, it is only natural. We do this to ensure that we are understood in lesson, on the street or even talking with a friend. We also use phrases and words we know because, well, we know them! 

One of my favourite homework assignments given in the course is essay writing. As a beginner, the task initially seemed completely out of reach. But when you sit down and just start writing it is surprising how much you can put on paper! Ok, we are not writing novels just yet, however, on paper it is easy to push yourself. Write what you wish to say without being too scared that it is wrong. The best part of this assignment is receiving the corrected version of your essay. My essays (by essay I mean roughly 100 words) often come back completely rewritten in red ink! At first this was disheartening, but I as I have mentioned I’ve come to love it. The feedback is great and really highlights areas to work on and also introduces grammar, sentence structures and even spelling that I was previously unaware of. So when your teacher sets the inevitable essay homework, don’t fear! Instead try something new in your writing, push yourself, you’ll definitely learn something! 


3 thoughts on “Favourite huiswerk!

  1. Ik kan me niet inbeelden hoe moeilijk het is om Nederlands te leren, aangezien ik zelf van België ben, maar ik denk dat het echt niet meevalt. Ik vind het fantastisch dat iemand onze taal en Nederland zo tof vind! Keep up the good work!

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